Verbatim Rx Pharmacy is committed to serving its patients as well as its physicians. Patients are served with discount pricing, acceptance of most insurances, same day delivery (if needed), and little to no waiting times. Physicians are served through our patient-centric mission, which means every patient is attended to, no matter their insurance policy or lack-thereof, thereby supporting the physician in achieving the clinical outcomes they need for their patients.

Verbatim Rx Pharmacy prides itself in having:

  • Little to no waiting times
  • Same day delivery when needed
  • Timely communication with physicians
  • Discount pricing

Additional Services include:

  • Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims serviced
  • Compounding facilities onsite
  • Vaccinations and immunizations

Little to No Waiting Time

We are committed to dispensing your medication as quickly as possible. Big retail pharmacies often force their patients to wait hours in not a day or two. At Verbatim Rx Pharmacy, we have expedited service available to all free of charge.

No Waiting Time

Workers Comp & Personal Injury

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We accept Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims as a part of our commitment to service every patient that walks in the door with a prescription. While most big retail outlets do not accept these prescriptions, we accept them and excel in dispensing them with little to no waiting time

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Same Day Delivery

Our door to door delivery service is readily available for your convenience. This will save you the time required to get a simple prescription filled. Let us know if you are interested in this service and our staff will set you up.

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